Exhaustion Prevention Tips

How Much Sleep Should I Get?

According to industry experts, a person is advised to maintain a regular schedule for sleep patterns. The schedule must be observed all through, including the weekends and holidays.

Otherwise, without a sleep schedule, you will interfere with sleep, and you will end up feeling groggy the whole day. Our brain does not like ‘mix-up’. For example, getting a 12-hour sleep after a four-hour sleep. Irregular sleep pattern is not only detrimental to sleep quality but overall health.

According to a report by the National Sleep Foundation, an adult needs 7 to 9 hours of sleep every day.

Expert Better Sleep Advice

According to professionals, the best ways to guarantee enough rest each night is by: –

  • Consider doing something relaxing like meditation or reading a book before sleeping
  • Avoid exercising directly before going to bed
  • Avoid caffeine consumption afternoon
  • Only use your bedroom and bed for sex and sleeping only. In other words, do not associate your bed with other activities as it may affect your transition to sleep
  • Establish a comfortable environment that is soothing to you. Search for mattresses to buy at Sam’s club.
  • Dim or turn off the light before sleep
  • Avoid blue light screen. Turn off your TV, cell phone, or tablet one hour before bed.

These devices produce blue light, which interferes with sleep hormone production.

Which Vitamins Help With Sleep?

We all have our eating habits and lifestyle. When it comes to vitamins, it is important to consult a physician. They are in a better position to recommend the best ones based on your diet, body style, and lifestyle.

Our Vitality Medical Wellness Center Online store has supplements, vitamins, and other important related items that are beneficial to your health. Furthermore, you have the ability to discuss your concerns with our physician Dr. Cristy Thomas, to ensure you are getting proper nutrition.

Get to your best by getting the appropriate vitamin, minerals, and amino acids your body needs to function.

Other Factors That Affect Exhaustion
  1. Shift Work Disorder – Those who work shifts often get affected, especially those who shift between day and night. Shift Work disorder needs treatment based on the schedule.
  2. Excess Stress – Stress and fatigue are known to harm the body and mood. This is why it is paramount to manage stress by investing in the best outlet for you. This can be yoga and others.
  3. Thyroid Concerns – An underactive or overactive thyroid can affect your attitude, weight, and how a person feels. This is why it is wise to get tested and determine if it is causing your exhaustion.
  4. Vitamin B – Did you know that vitamin B deficiency is known to cause exhaustion? It limits one’s focus, productivity, and concentration. Speak to our physician today to get the right vitamin B shot.

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