Papa John’s New Family Meal Deal Explained

If you have a large family or many friends who like to hang out at your place and eat pizza, you need to know about family meal deals. The specials consist of multiple items at a lower price than you would pay if you ordered each item separately off the menu. Here is how the family meal deal works.

Pizza Is Calling Your Name

Finding one item that everyone enjoys isn’t easy, so family meal deals are great options. They work well, too, if you are looking to have leftovers the next day. It is great to have a variety of different items so that everyone will be satisfied. Whether it’s gluten-free crusts or vegan options, you are covered. Papadias are also a great option. They are hand-held flatbread pizza sandwiches. With Papadias, you don’t have to worry about anyone not agreeing on what pizza and toppings they want. Everyone can get their own. You can save money and satisfy everyone’s cravings with Papa Pairings. Choose two or more items with a family meal deal at a lower price. Some options include medium one-item pizzas, chicken poppers, sides and desserts. Create a buffet by ordering multiple items.

Papa Bowls To Change It Up

For something different, try the Papa Bowls. These are pizzas without the crust. You can create your own or choose one of the three flavor options. Papa Bowls are excellent options for people who are reducing their carbohydrate intake or cannot eat gluten. The pizza bowls are a great way to enjoy all your favorite toppings baked in the oven. The only thing missing is the crust, which you won’t notice because the Papa Bowls are so delicious! Papa Bowls are also an excellent lunch option.

Sides for the Win

When you order pizza for your family, don’t forget the sides. These options are a great way to add variety to your meal and fill those hungry bellies. Choose from bread options, such as garlic knots, cheese sticks or breadsticks. If you like your food spicy, try the jalapeno popper rolls. You can also choose chicken wings or poppers with various dipping sauces.

Coupons for Extra Savings

When you have to feed a whole family, it can get expensive. When ordering pizza, check out the specials and pizza coupons available to save money. You get the same great taste, but you pay less for it. Be sure to check the expiration date on any coupon that you find. Check online and in local papers for savings coupons. You usually have to order online or in the app if you have a code. Be sure to have a printed voucher if you order over the telephone. It is also a good idea to have a paper coupon if you order in person at the store. Once you log in to place an online order, be sure to check out the specials for your local store. Join the Papa Rewards program to earn points and get free food.

Feed your family today with a family meal deal! Be sure to look for specials and coupons to save extra money.

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