How Technology is Affecting the Way Your Brain Thinks

The most important and the most sensitive organ of our body, the brain, responsible for all functions is under threat from constant technology updates. Technology has not only changed the way we do things but has altered our thinking, shaped our behavior, affected our health both positively and negatively, and now is posing a risk to our brain.

  • The danger of Dependency on Technology

Technology has made major advancements in our health care systems with state-of-the-art machinery, high-tech tests, and fast working medicines, but is it really positive for our health? Though there are pills to control every issue, is it humane to swing a person’s moods using pills or allowing them to sleep consistently? The major dependency on computers has affected the limbs and eyesight’s of many.

These problems of course seem minor compared to the benefits this advanced technology is bringing us and we are so reliant on it that want to keep moving forward without considering the effects. It may be okay to eat a pill to improve your memory or increase your focus but imagine if we keep going in this direction we will create machines out of humans. Already, people are going crazy by making a fuss of their looks and spending heavily on plastic surgery; this dependency leads to the creation of tiny pills that will control our every action. Technology has completely taken over our brains and the need to be perfect is killing our nature and true self.

  • Everything has its Side Effects

Everything that is artificial has its own side effects and each effect has an impact on our brain. Whether it’s a headache or heartache, whether you feel it or not, any pill that you take will have its own side effects. It’s not just pills but even mobile phones, laptops, televisions and all other technology are a threat to us. As technology advances prices keep falling and every individual in a household carries their own mobile phone or cheap notebooks around, all of which have harmful rays.

  • Technology’s Influence on Behaviour

We often hear how in the past children used to go bicycle riding, play the sport in the afternoon, families used to go on picnics, grandmother’s used to knit and how all these actives have been minimized now and major time is spent on social networking sites, Skype to communicate with friends or movies and computer games. It’s not just this but our habits are also changing as well as our spending patterns. People are suddenly more interested in purchasing branded, leather laptop bags rather than a new couch or a tea set.

It is important to focus on our values in life and take a look at where we stand, what are our activities. If we continue to blindly depend on technology then the world will turn into a disaster. Technology definitely is great and has numerous benefits, but it needs to be used in moderation.

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