5 Reasons that Red Wine Can Make You Healthier

Along with being absolutely delicious, useful in social situations, and the perfect ingredient for a variety of dishes, red wine has proven itself to be even more useful at preventing harmful afflictions and improving the health of the drinker. Scientists, researchers and aficionados have been exclaiming the health benefits of red wine for decades but the continuous remark surrounding this research is that these studies are founded on the idea of moderation. The recommended amount of red wine is 1 glass per day. Anymore or excess of that amount can have negative effects on your health and personal life.

1. Happy Heart

Red wine has shown major results in preventing heart disease. Red wine is full of flavonoids. Flavonoids are a form of antioxidants. The job of an antioxidant is to protect the body’s cells from mutation, damage or death because of free radicals. Free radicals are the substances brought into the immune system from age, lifestyle choice, or environmental causes that cause the cells to oxidize. This process is damaging to the cell. In order to combat this sequence, ingesting antioxidants can help prevent oxygen from reaching the cells. Red wine increases the amount of HDL, considered the good cholesterol so that it can continue to absorb LDL, the bad cholesterol that blocks arteries and leads to coronary issues. In addition, red wine helps with clotting functions to prevent stroke and heart attacks.

2. Beat Diabetes

In addition to preventing heart disease, recent studies suggest that red wine and chocolate can actually help lower the chance of developing Type 2 diabetes. Those helpful flavonoids were shown to lower insulin resistance. High insulin resistance is symptomatic of Type 2 diabetes. The research is still circumstantial at best, but for now, let’s just enjoy it because it is so nice to hear.

3. Dental Defender

Red wine may give you a purple smile, but studies show that it can also help combat tooth decay. Red wine helps to harden your tooth enamel and combined with the polyphenols also found in red wine, your gums and your teeth are protected from harmful mouth bacteria and gum disease. So drink up and then brush off to enjoy your pearly whites for as long as possible.

4. Anti-Aging Benefits

Any diet that ingests a large number of flavonoids is likely to feel benefits in terms of beating the biological clock. The aging process, in concert with growing chronologically older, is due to the aforementioned free radicals. Free radicals bring oxygen into the body, and while that may seem like a good thing on paper, imagine a balloon that you continuously blow air into, what happens? It explodes. Cells work in the same manner with oxygen. They have a certain amount of energy that must be maintained and free radicals bring excess oxygen into the body. This breaks the cells down, including collagen and skin cells, giving the appearance of aging skin. Fight this by drinking your red wine and help your skin keep its youthful appearance.

5. Fight Brain Strain

Recent studies have shown that the antioxidant resveratrol found in red wine can help treat certain neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s because it helps build nerve cells in the brain. But once again, the idea of moderation is paramount with this suggestion because too much of any alcoholic beverage can actually do more damage to your brain cells and body.

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