5 Home Improvement Projects to Consider for 2023

Australian homeowners love to make improvements and who could blame them? You can enjoy a new level of luxury and comfort while also adding value to the property, which is never a bad thing. We’re already halfway through 2023 and if you have yet to carry out a home improvement this year, here are a few to consider.

  1. En-suite bathroom – If you have a large master bedroom, why not sacrifice a corner and build a luxurious en-suite bathroom? Calculate a budget and approach a local small builder and see what they can do regarding design and finish. This would boost the value of your home as well as providing you with luxury and why not go the whole nine yards and install a luxury walk-in shower? Talk to your local plumber in Burwood, NSW about fitting the appliances and you can handle everything else.
  2. Fitted wardrobes – The master bedroom should have fitted wardrobes, which means you can make best use of available space. You can select pine, teak or cedar for stunning fitted wardrobes, or you could use a composite material, which is a lot cheaper. If you are into DIY, this would make for a good project and you would save a lot of money. You can sell your old wardrobes if they are in good condition and put the money into the project.
  3. Loft conversion – If you are in need of additional living space, a loft conversion is the cheapest way to add living space, as you already have the structure in place, it’s just a question of creating a floor, adding a couple of sky-lights and bob’s your uncle. Talk to a local small builder who has hands-on experience and see what they can do with your budget. You can use the room as a guest bedroom, a study centre for the kids, or even a home office if you run your own business.
  4. Kitchen renovation – The kitchen is the busiest room in the home and if yours is looking a little jaded, approach a local kitchen renovator and tell him your proposed budget and let him create a design based on your preferences. This is a room where the family meet in the morning and evening when they discuss the day’s activities, so it needs to be a warm and inviting space. Here is a guide to purchasing bespoke blinds.
  5. Deck renovation – If your timber decking has seen better days, why not replace the planks with composite decking? If the foundation/framework is sound, changing the decking isn’t going to cost a fortune. Invest in some new rattan furniture and a couple of hanging chairs and the new look is complete.

There are still 5 months of 2023 left, so you have time to choose one of the above home improvement projects and make your living space more luxurious. It all depends on what you fancy doing to your home and with the help of a local builder, you can add value to your home.

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