5 Reasons Why You Eat When You Are Not Hungry

We are all guilty of the offense of “filling stomachs when we are actually not hungry.” Consciously or unconsciously, we allow food to reach our stomachs, without need. When it happens occasionally, feeding in the absence of real hunger is not so scary, but when it is gaining in everyday life, it becomes a threat to the beautiful line of the body, and sometimes health.

It’s happening to nibble because you’re bored, nervous, or angry?

Are you a person who sees the holidays and special occasions as a green light to overeat?

Here are the most common reasons why you eat when you are not hungry:

1. Holiday or special occasion

When you have a large circle of acquaintances, every day can be a special occasion. Birthdays, weddings, and just as you thought the end had come, begins holiday period – Easter, New Year.

Tip: The holidays should not be seen as permission to overeat. Remind yourself that the parties are for people, not for food. Do not forget to control yourself and not overdo the portions.

2. You are thirsty

Many people have confused hunger with thirst, and tend to eat when actually all they need is a glass of water.

Tip: The next time when you feel hungry, drink water and wait 10 minutes. If hunger is not passing, let your hand free to the chosen food.

3. Lack of dream

The fact is that the appetite is stronger and more difficult to control when we have a lack of sleep. Responsible for this are leptin and ghrelin, the hormones responsible for controlling appetite and fullness. The lack of sleep reduces the level of leptin, a hormone that tells the brain that you have received enough food, and increases levels of ghrelin that awakens hunger.

Tip: Try to have 7-8 hours of sleep.

4. You are bored

Certainly happen to you, frequently to open the fridge during a boring rainy weekend or ate because you don’t know what to do with the hands.

Boredom is a recipe for the inclusion of additional calories.

Tip: Find activities that fulfill you, like reading a book which will be your option when boredom will attack you.

5. The food is just in front of your eyes

Don’t you mean to eat cake after lunch, but it suddenly finds in your hand?

It’s not easy to resist food when it flies in your eyes.

Tip: out of sight, out of the mouth – Place the food away from you. But if there is nowhere to escape and it is just in front of you, ask yourself if you are really hungry before you reached out for it.

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