Benefits of Home Baked Bread

Bread has essentially been a part of our life even without us realizing it. Bread is an important part of a meal that when not there makes us crave it. It is used to soak up the juices from the food and also lend us that carbohydrate that we turn into energy. Buying bread from the supermarket is easy and does not take up time. But the benefits of home-baked bread are also noteworthy; some of them are as follows:

1. Healthy – Baking your own bread is healthier as you use fresh ingredients and bake it in a hygienic way that is without the addition of any preservatives and additives which are used in commercial baking to increase their shelf life. Each time you make your own bread for dinner, you are guaranteed a soft and fresh loaf of bread without having to worry about your carbohydrate intake.

2. Careful – If any of the family members has a food allergy, you can make sure not to add that ingredient to your bread. That cannot be possible while buying from the shelf or while eating at a restaurant as the equipment used to bake the bread might have the allergen in it. Almost no commercial manufacturer uses different types of equipment. Even when guests come over and they have are allergic to specific content, you can confidently say that the ingredient has not been used for preparation. You cannot be confident about the same when you buy bread off the shelf.

3. Sodium content – Most commercially manufactured bread contains over 120mg of sodium (salt) per slice. When a break is baked at home the sodium level can be limited as per the health requirement of the family members. A reduced sodium intake helps you keep many chronic problems like blood pressure, hypertension, etc. at bay.

4. Taste – Taste is a factor which comes into play, so to gain more points over the commercially produced bread you can add different ingredient which is loved by the family members. This will not only promote home-baked bread but also will be healthier. Any kind of bread prepared at home tastes better than the shelf-bought ones. Also when love is added to the mixture anything will taste better which can only happen in a household or a family.

5. Cost effective – Making any food product at home means saving on costs. When you buy a loaf of bread you have to pay the printed price which has been fixed by the manufacturer. However, if you compare the cost of baking at home and purchasing from the market you will be surprised to see that you can reduce the cost by almost 50% by baking at home.

Family members can be encouraged to get into the process of making bread which can be turned into a family activity. The kneading of dough especially is really fun with the kids and adults alike.

These are just some of the benefits of making your own bread. Bake your way to a healthy life.

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