Why You Should Consider Using Dry Needling Physical Therapy Treatment

Dry needling OKC is a treatment used in physical therapy that specifically targets muscle pain. Fine stainless steel needles are placed in specific areas of the muscle to trigger healing, increase the range of motion and reduce pain. These are several reasons you should consider dry needling physical therapy treatments.

Effectively Reduce Pain

When your muscles are contracted for long periods of time, acid builds up around them. This sensitizes the nerves surrounding the muscle, which produces pain. This pain may begin in the muscle and surrounding tissues called myofascial pain. However, it can also spread to other areas, which is called referred pain.

When the needle is inserted into the muscle at the trigger point, a point of pain, the muscle spasms. Dry needling releases the muscle so that it can return to a resting or relaxed state. It also impacts the nerves, whose function is to stimulate the brain. When the brain is stimulated, it releases endorphins, which reduce or eliminate feelings of pain.

Restore Lost Body Functions

Initially, you may experience weakness or twitching in the muscles that receive the dry needling treatment. However, once they are stimulated, your muscles relax and can be used more effectively. In addition, your muscles and brain begin communicating differently, allowing you to regain mobility and other system functions. Also, when you aren’t in pain, you move more easily.

A physical therapy clinic will insert the needles deeply or shallowly based on the desired result, but any soreness or aching suggests healing is occurring.

Increases Blood Flow

When your muscles are tight, your blood cannot penetrate them properly. This damages your blood circulation, and your muscle can be damaged due to the lack of oxygen and nutrients the blood is not delivering to them.

Dry needling causes microtears in your muscles. These tears encourage blood flow to the site so that they can be repaired. Increasing your blood flow to the region helps repair your muscles.

Relaxes Muscles

When the needles are inserted, your muscles twitch. The needle may also be moved in the muscle. This up-and-down motion searches for the painful knots produced by injuries or strain. These taught bands of tissue respond to the spasm by releasing tension. When the needle is moved back and forth, it releases tension in the muscle.

Reduces Inflammation

When you have an injury, your body’s immune system activates cells that can heal the injury. However, these inflammatory cells can also cause pain and discomfort. In an injury, you can experience acute inflammation. You may experience swelling, heat, flushed skin or pain in inflamed areas.

However, dry needling can reduce inflammation because it dissipates the proteins, peptides, cytokines, arachidonic acid metabolites, nitric oxide, oxygen free radicles and glycoproteins that cause inflammation.

Triggers Healing

When the physical therapist inserts the needles into your muscles, they tear them. As they are moved back and forth, the tears get larger. These tears trigger your body’s immune response, sending red blood cells to the affected area, which speeds up the healing process.

If you suffer from pain or reduced range of motion, you should consider consulting a clinic that specializes in physical therapy in Oklahoma City to discuss your options and possible outcomes.

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