How to Age Well

There’s no denying that growing older comes with its fair share of challenges. From wrinkles and gray hair to achy joints and a decreased metabolism, the physical effects of aging can be difficult to deal with.

But just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to a life of watching your favorite shows on TV and taking naps. According to professional essay writers, there are plenty of things you can do to age well and stay healthy, both physically and mentally.

Down with stress

There is no funnier medical advice than “don’t be nervous.” If you cannot avoid stress, learn how to relieve it. And classical music with headphones during an evening walk will help in this much more successfully than alcohol.

Walking as a routine

Walking is the ideal form of exercise. Jogging is a double-edged sword, but walking relieves stress, and mental fatigue, and physically energizes you very well. Do you work a lot and drive a car? Put it away from your home or office and walk to it.

“Far” does not mean 200 meters, but at least a couple of kilometres. Such walking, by the way, will be quite energetic: colleagues will still park cars closer and sometimes start meetings without waiting for you.

Grocery trolley

In supermarkets, carts of people of active age are a tragic picture for most of us. They have reached a certain material status – and consume too much food that is inadequate for their age and sedentary lifestyle. A lot of fatties, a lot of salty, a lot of sweet …

As little as possible sugar and salt, red meat and fried food; more fibre and low-fat dairy products, vegetables and fruits, sea fish with Omega-3 fatty acids – tips on proper nutrition of the sea, it remains only to apply and not drink them with Tarragon or Coca-Cola.

Quit smoking and don’t overwork

All bad habits are a relic of the past. Trite, but true: if you quit (or better not start) smoking, your heart and lungs will say “thank you” in the future. On the other hand, there are no medical contraindications to small doses of alcohol in a healthy person in general, and red wine is even considered useful.

The measure is important not only in drinks. Whether to abuse alcohol or work, diabetes and hypertension can follow from there and from there. Dosing drinks for many, perhaps even easier.

Only useful gadgets

It is useful to buy a bracelet that measures blood pressure and pulse, along with a built-in pedometer. If you walk 10,000 steps a day, you can be relatively calm for yourself. Apparently, for the peace of mind of the owners, many pedometers greatly inflate the readings, mistaking gestures for walking. Some bracelets promise to measure even the level of cholesterol in the blood.

There are applications – calorie counters, and even if you were not fond of these calculations in your youth, with age, intensive metabolism slows down, and it is reasonable to cut the menu. If you have problems with blood sugar, you will need to buy a glucometer – modern ones have become quite compact.

Challenge your mind

Keeping your mind active and engaged is important for maintaining cognitive function as you age. Reading, doing puzzles, and learning new skills can help keep your mind sharp. Are you a successful lawyer in the past? Why not provide law essay writing service to students? So you can also earn money.

Don’t be afraid of doctors

There is a separate word for fear of doctors – iatrophobia. There can be many reasons for it, from personal unpleasant experiences to a hypothetical “what if they find something terrible.” And the consequences are quite general: we postpone a visit to the doctor until the last, and we “find” diseases at a stage when they no longer hide. That way, you may not live to old age at all, not to mention a healthy old age.

An annual medical examination (and not a convention in the form of rewriting last year’s testimony on a new card page in an overloaded clinic, but a real examination!) Is a chance to spend only part of the salary on vitamins in pharmacies, and not the entire pension on medicines.

For example, it makes sense to check bone density (especially for women during menopause): not only to learn about its friability and fragility, to walk more carefully, but also to pick up calcium and vitamin D supplements.

If changes in the joints begin, it is also important for doctors to see them on ultrasound as soon as possible. If there are no systemic diseases – for example, polyarthritis – then joint pain still overtakes many women from 45 years old and beyond, and many men a little later, by about 60 years.

From youth, we wouldn’t recommend getting addicted to various drugs for the treatment of joints, but a healthy lifestyle and walking is a great ways to prevent joint pain. The joints are supplied with capillaries, which are activated during active walking, and the ability to walk will last longer. Now there are also good drugs that improve the condition of tissues and prevent the development of arthrosis and arthritis. These are, for example, preparations with hyaluronic acid to improve the tropism of cartilage tissue – even among our wards, at a very advanced age, we can see a strikingly positive effect.

The bottom line

Old age – a proper, good old age – is good because it allows you to stop, look around, and think. Await this state with interest.

And for a good old age, there is one simple recipe. It must be remembered that in this world there is only one significant investment – in your family, in your loved ones, in relationships. Money disappears, and houses burn. But if you come to old age with loving people around, nothing is scary.

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