How To Solve Your Child’s Fear of the Dark

Did you ever sleep with a nightlight when you were young? Some researchers estimate that up to 45 percent of children struggle with nyctophobia, which is the fear of the dark. It conjures the image of a small child standing at the top of the stairs, staring into a dark basement. In this scenario, many children will hesitate and allow the discomfort that they feel to develop into anxiety, conjuring fear-inducing thoughts from that dark space. The good news is that they don’t have to go through their fear of the dark alone because they have you.

Making Your Child Feel Safe

There are lots of things that you can utilize to help your child to feel safe when they’re alone in the darkness. Obtaining non prescription anxiety medication can certainly help your children with their anxiousness when it comes to something like a dark bedroom at night. A nightlight helps, too, offering a beacon of light to focus on so that they are not wholly engulfed by darkness. You want to make sure that it’s not too bright, though, because exposure to light during this resting period can affect people’s circadian rhythms and cause sleep disruptions.

A stuffed animal is another tool that can help ease anxiety because it is a representation of safety and comfort and something to squeeze and focus on during fitful moments. You might incorporate the stuffy into a bedtime routine that helps the child to get into a good comfort zone before going to sleep.

Giving your child an empowering object can also be effective, in that it utilizes their imaginations to engage with the dark in a positive way, or at least a way in which they can exhibit some measure of control. You might, for instance, present your child with a magic wand and teach them how to use it to banish any scary thing that might be lurking around.

Teaching Your Child Relaxation Techniques

Communication is another powerful tool when it comes to helping children to deal with their fears. Whether they’re dealing with ADHD scared of dark or have another issue compounding their anxiety, you can reach them through your words.

One way to talk about these fears is to simply acknowledge them. You can tell them that it is a normal part of growing up and that they don’t have to have accompanying feelings of shame or embarrassment. Another way is to read soothing bedtime stories that subtly address the fear of darkness, particularly emphasizing how the protagonist achieves peace of mind, despite it.

Fear of the dark is something that can be conquered. Brillia reviews show how homeopathic treatments can transform behavior in children with ADHD, even where phobias are involved. Fear and anxiety caused by darkness or any number of other things in the world are manageable. Kids need help from the people in their lives when they experience these things. Visit an online health and wellness store to investigate potential homeopathic aids to help your children thrive, even in the face of their fears.

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