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It’s hard to imagine our lives without appliances now. Be it from the point of view of comfort or out of necessity, the truth remains that we desire 24*7 supply of power. However, that is not possible given the fact that electricity is an exhaustible source of energy, and we only need it more and more each day. That’s why we need a power backup solution to come to our rescue when the power is out.

This includes a highly efficient inverter, and an equally efficient inverter battery to fulfill our power requirements smoothly.

A lithium ion battery for home inverter is the ideal fit when your demand is high efficiency and unmatched performance.

Why a Lithium-Ion Battery for Home Inverter?

A lithium-ion battery is most widely used in phones, laptops and electric vehicles. However, it is now popularly being used as inverter batteries to power personal and commercial spaces. The reason for the popularity of lithium-ion battery for home inverter lies in the many advantages it provides.

  1. Long Lifespan:

A lithium-ion battery comes with a long lifespan. It can last 3 – 4 years longer than other types of inverter batteries.

  1. High Energy Density: 

One of the pivotal advantages of a lithium-ion battery is that it has a high energy density. Energy density refers to the amount of power or energy stored in an inverter battery in proportion to its weight. It is measured in watt-hours per kilogram (Wh/kg). A watt-hour measures the amount of energy that is equivalent to the consumption of one watt for an hour.

An inverter battery having a high energy density has a longer battery run time as against the battery size, consequently expanding the possibilities for battery applications.

  1. Low Maintenance:

Traditional batteries such as nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal hydride batteries come with a memory effect. However, lithium-ion batteries don’t have memory effect. This means that even when they use up their last bit of power, you can recharge them with no frequent maintenance.

  1. More Charge Cycles:

A full charge cycle refers to the time when the battery is completely depleted and then recharged to full. Another advantage of a high-quality lithium battery is that it can last for a 1000 full charge cycles.

Choosing a Lithium-Ion Battery for Home Inverter

A lithium-ion battery for home inverter is a highly recommended purchase. However, you have to ensure that you are picking the right lithium-ion battery – the one that meets your power requirements and the one that is compatible with your inverter. You can consider buying an inverter-battery duo to ensure optimum delivery of power.

Here are the two most recommended inverter-battery duos you can select:

  1. Luminous Li-ON 1250:

The revolutionary Li-ON 1250 is an inverter with an in-built lithium battery storage. The next-gen product is controlled by Intelligent Battery Management System ensuring excellent performance delivery. Powered by a super advanced sine wave technology that offers consistent back-up, 3x faster charging, 3x longer life, it’s a futuristic product that is designed to make your days hassle-free. In addition to this, with its premium design featuring a pearl white finish and an LCD display, you can be assured of enhancing the aesthetics of your home.

  1. Luminous Regalia Series: 

Welcome cutting-edge innovation in your home with Luminous’ Regalia series. It comes with an in-built compartment for lithium-ion batteries that require zero maintenance from your end. Additionally, with an interface that supports smart-wifi technology, you can operate the inverter with great ease. As for technical specifications, the product offers 3x longer life and a 3x faster charging speed to ensure great performance and an excellent user-experience.

Investing in a lithium-ion battery for home inverter can be a wise choice if you value unparalleled performance above everything else. With these two state-of-the-art products offered by Luminous, you can be rest assured that you are embracing innovation at its best!

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