Top Student Startups

Colleges are designed to improve knowledge and prepare students to be leaders in any sector of the world. Despite some of them are used to ask peers “please do my paper for me”, others are interested in studies and creative. Students are also encouraged to start their own startups, launch them, and then grow them into successful companies.

Students fear that their resources will limit them. However, many companies were started by students who didn’t have the resources to do so. Many student-led startups were successful in past years. This gives students the opportunity to build their confidence and launch new businesses. In this article, we will review businesses

1. Echopoint medical

Echopoint medical is a great student startup that can quickly change a business climate.

The idea was born out of concern about inaccurate heart disease diagnosis, treatment and prevention. This business was founded by University College London students.

Its goal is to offer cost-saving options for heart diseases and accurate diagnosis.

Funds raised in 2020 have enabled the startup to develop a technology using optical sensing that will help cardiologists better navigate this problem.

As a college student, the idea of starting your own business is both thrilling and daunting. Spend time creating the startup idea, and thinking about funding or partners.

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2. Perlego

Perlego was another startup that was started by students in order to help students.

Matthew Davis and Gauthier van were both struggling to pay for college, as the textbooks were too expensive.

They realized they weren’t the only ones trying to buy them. Many other students in the UK, and around the world, are facing the same challenges. This is how Perlego was created.

This website offers thousands of textbooks, novels, as well as other academic materials, which students can subscribe to at very low prices.

In August 2021, the company was ranked as one the fastest-growing startup companies in Britain.

3. Immerse

Immerse was founded by students to assist other students with learning the English language using virtual reality.

They designed VR headsets that allow students to create avatars and learn through practice.

Combining technology and learning has radically changed the experience for students. The business is now one of the fastest-growing in edtech.

4. Things to think about

Things Thinking is an AI technology-intensive startup, which was founded in 2017 to offer a better customer experience using Semantha’s AI tech platform.

The platform uses simple language to improve customer experience. It is seeing exponential growth.

Angel investors have helped the startup to expand its presence in other highly-customized markets around the world.

5. Cookies for Insomnia

Insomnia Cookies was created out of a desire to satisfy a nighttime craving.

Seth Berkowitch studied at the University of Pennsylvania. Seth had a sweet tooth. However, he couldn’t get a solution at nights because there weren’t companies that could deliver cookies to students.

Seth was determined to find a solution. At night, he would make cookies in his dorm space and deliver them to students. He received funding later and started the company, which delivers cookies till the early hours of morning. It has branches across the USA.

6. FedEx Express

FedEx Express Express is a great option for students who want to provide local delivery services.

A student founded the company in 1971. Although he was unsuccessful in his first years, the company eventually grew and now has a global presence.

While a student might not launch immediately, they could start small with parcel deliveries within their community.

Big retailers and food businesses outsource delivery services. Students have the opportunity to deliver for them.


Pith, College Hunks Hauling junk, Google and Facebook are just a few of the many businesses that students have started. Some have gone global, some not.

Start a business as a student to help students, their communities, the nation or the entire world. To help more – share the killer papers discount code to save a little while getting an education.

These companies were founded with humble beginnings. Today, however, they are international, regional and national companies.

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