Top Tips For A Pet Friendly Caravan Holiday

As attached as owners may be to their pets, some people choose to go on holiday without them. Now this might be down to any number of reasons, for example, they may own pets that are difficult to transport like horses or even fish – yes, fish are more high maintenance than one would imagine. That said there are plenty of other people who choose to take the whole family with them, even the four-legged fur balls with dogs being the most common, followed by cats.

Both at home and away, dogs are generally more straightforward to take care of once their routine is established with proper feeding, sleeping, exercise, and grooming patterns set in place. This is good news for those who plan on taking their beloved pets with them on holiday, as is the fact that dogs are fans of family holidays because they want to be with their owners. However, as responsible owners, you need to make sure that you take all the necessary measures to ensure your dog (or cat) is happy, safe, and comfortable for the duration of your holiday as well as on the journeys to and from.

Now, taking any pet abroad is a difficult task because of the strict international quarantine measures in place which can be distressing to the animal, not to mention the high cost associated with pet travel. That is precisely why many pet owners choose to take their holiday closer to home, at a caravan park that is both pet and people-friendly. Finding a pet-friendly holiday park is only half the battle though. Once you are there you have to make sure you don’t take a holiday from being a loving, caring and responsible pet owner. For advice on how to caravan with dogs see here (these tips can be adapted to fit different pets too).

With pets’ comfort in mind, we have compiled the below list of ways you can prepare for a pet-friendly holiday. These tips will help you ensure your pet is catered for long before you pack up and hit the road. So read on to see how you can make sure the whole family – two legs and four – has a wonderful caravan holiday. [Advice courtesy of the RSPCA]

  • A change in environment or routine can be stressful for an animal, as can traveling to and from a destination. If your pet is likely to become distressed by the journey or the holiday itself, then consider leaving it with a trusted and responsible family member, friend, or boarding establishment.
  • Give your pet a quick check-up before setting off. Make sure they are healthy, safe, and up to date on any vaccinations or flea and worm treatments.
  • Be sure to get your pet a collar and identity tag which displays your name, contact details, and where you will be staying whilst on holiday. Also, if your dog doesn’t have a microchip then make sure you put a second tag on the collar, displaying your home address.
  • Whilst you will know whether or not the caravan site you’re going to is pet friendly, it is worth checking ahead of time to see if the facilities suit your pet in particular. If your pet has trouble with its joints then a hilly, rough terrain won’t be ideal. Similarly, if your pet relieves themselves a lot during the night you won’t want a site where the accommodation is too far away from the designated pet area.
  • Stock up on things your pet will need and pack appropriately for them; make sure you take enough food to last the holiday or to last until you can shop for more once you’re at the site. Make sure you also take a comfy bed for your pet and if they have a favorite toy(s) then pack that too so they have something to make them feel at home and have fun with.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. The truth is no one knows your pet better than you do so tailor the holiday to them, their needs and your own. Then pack the family up, get on the road and go enjoy your people and pet friendly caravan holiday!

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