Umag: A Historic Croatian Town Framed by Stunning Beaches

Umag is the first Croatian town you encounter when entering Istria from the north. It’s a charming Mediterranean town that beautifully balances its 45 km of coastline with numerous inland attractions.

Umag is the first Croatian town you encounter when entering Istria from the north. It’s a charming Mediterranean town that beautifully balances its 45 km of coastline with numerous inland attractions.

Strolling through Umag’s medieval alleys transports you into a Venetian ambiance, further enriched by the stunning Cathedral located in the main square.

Umag was once an island, but over the years, it connected with the mainland. Historically, it was surrounded by walls, and today you can still visit its watchtowers and fortifications. One of these towers even houses the town’s Civic Museum.

Eager to go? We get it! Especially since reaching Umag is relatively easy!

Note: The original name of the city is “UMAG.”

How to Get to Umag:  Umag is a gem just a stone’s throw from Italy. In fact, it’s the closest destination to Italy, making it a beloved getaway for many Italians. The quickest and most convenient way to reach Umag is by taking a ferry from Venice towards Piran.

There are numerous ferries from Venice to Umag, ensuring you can easily and comfortably reach your vacation spot in no time. This ease of transportation makes Umag ideal for both extended stays and relaxing weekend getaways.

Umag’s Dual Personality: The Beaches Umag is renowned for its beautiful hinterland, but it should also be acknowledged for its stunning ten beaches that grace its southern coast. The sea is pristine, and the waters crystal clear, perfect for a swim from May to October.

Sant’Andrea beach on the Red Island is among the favorites. It’s also known for having a designated area for nudists.

For those seeking lively atmospheres, Punta and the Katoro beaches are recommended. Umag’s coastal life is particularly cherished by fitness enthusiasts who partake in various coastal sports activities.

For adventure seekers, a trip to Savudrija is recommended to visit the Adriatic’s first-built lighthouse—an experience that’s both romantic and adventurous.

Umag’s Other Side: The Hinterland Umag has a rich history, founded by Roman nobles who fell in love with it and made it their summer residence, adding to the luxury of Urago’s historic Venetian houses.

Even today, walking through Urago’s streets, one can admire fragments of ancient walls and towers, historic buildings, and stunning Baroque or Renaissance churches.

The hinterland is hilly, perfect for cozy farm stays where you can savor local dishes.

Umag Highlights:  Umag is a year-round destination. In the summer, its beaches are the main attraction. In the cooler months, the city’s architectural wonders draw attention, notably Umag’s city walls that still stand partially intact. These walls feature a unique mobile bridge dating back to the 10th century.

The heart of Umag is the beautiful square dominated by the Assumption of Mary and St. Pellegrino Cathedral. This cathedral is unique as its facade is split into two halves: one modern and the other ancient. The bell tower, built in 1631, stands tall at 33 meters, housing the statue of a winged lion that was once on the town hall before it burned down.

For those who appreciate religious sites, visiting the 16th-century Church of San Rocco with its beautifully frescoed ceiling is a must.

The Umag City Museum is a haven for ancient history lovers, displaying artifacts and old crafts from the Roman period.

For art enthusiasts, the renowned Marin Gallery, nestled within the city walls, hosts numerous exhibitions throughout the year.

Umag’s tourist train is a fun attraction for both adults and children. This rail-less train offers picturesque views, providing ample photo opportunities.

What to Eat in Umag, Croatia?

To truly understand a place, one must taste its traditional dishes. Often, popular recipes incorporate local products as well as history and traditions in the form of food.

When in Urago, don’t miss the delicious seafood dishes. But that’s not all! If you prefer an authentic experience, skip the more famous restaurants and opt for a quick meal at one of the many coastal eateries.

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