Increase Sales by Knowing Types of Buyers

Sales and achievements of goals are the main targets of any company that deals with any kind of trade and is the foundation for further growth and development of the company. Because of that, it’s essential to know the structure of current customers and the commitment to acquiring new customers.
According to marketing experts, there are five types of buyers: loyal buyers, buyers at a discount, impulsive buyers, buyers in need, and buyers during walking. For any business, the most important are loyal and impulsive buyers, and the rest three types of buyers who though up a significant part of the total consumers, still cannot justify the resources that would be directed to them.

Loyal buyers

This type of buyer typically participates with about 20% of the total number of buyers and 50% of total sales volume. It is necessary to regularly communicate with these types of buyers via phone, mail, email, and other because their opinion should influence on our decisions about changes in prices, changes in location, promotional campaigns, etc.

These buyers know to respect all our decisions based on their input. According to marketing experts, these are buyers for which we will never be able to do everything. They simply constantly bringing us new customers and will recommend to others.

Customers at a discount

They frequently visit selling facilities but buy only at higher discounts. These are buyers who will help you when you have problems with excessive inventory or when you urgently need cash. However, it is proven that this group of buyers often complains about the poor performance of the product, bad service or any other reason, so the rate of returned products from these buyers is great.

Impulsive buyers

These types of buyers have no list of things to buy, but it is a pleasure to come in sale facilities and buy when they notice something attractive. This is a segment of our customers who should gladly serve. This is a very important segment because of recommendations and criticisms that we can get from these buyers. This type of buyer applies to the most realistic evaluator of our products.

Buyers in need

This kind of buyer has a predetermined intention to buy a product. They enter the store, look for the required product and quickly get out. The speed of service and availability of products are the most important factors that these buyers can turn into loyal buyers. It should be noted that many companies worldwide lost “customers in need” with the appearance of online sales. For these buyers is not an essential environment, but simple delivery to home or near sales facilities.

Buyers during walking

This type of buyer has no specific need or desire when it comes to sales facilities. Typically these buyers make the most crowd and lowest turnover, and their number is proportional to the attractiveness of the location. Although not buy much, these buyers are important to disseminate information about your company around the city. They often buy for interaction with sellers and buying without a purpose for them is a real pleasure. Although these buyers should not be ignored, still have to try to reduce the time spent servicing them.

If you want to be a successful salesman, then you must learn to recognize the type of buyer. It will allow you on the right way to access them and easily close the sale. Keep eye on loyal buyers and be polite with impulsive buyers, in that way you will succeed to boost your sales.

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